12 Rs food which would give you 26 grams of protein and 567 calories

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Protein happens to be the most important nutrient when it comes to bodybuilding. Every serious bodybuilder tracks protein content in their diet and calories as a whole.

That is why protein is highly commercialized, you would find protein supplements of a lot of brands. But it becomes very difficult for a teenage boy or a person who doesn’t earn money to complete its protein intake.

I know this super cheap yet nutritious food which would give you a lot of calories and 26 grams of protein.

I am talking about peanuts. You would get 26 grams of protein and 567 calories from 100 grams of peanuts which costs only 12 Indian rupees. Isn’t it amazing?

Here you can get all the nutritional facts about peanuts. I have included this food in my diet. I eat raw peanuts because I am a bit lazy. You can eat peanut butter, roasted peanuts according to your flexibility.

It includes 16 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams. It is however high in fat content, it has 49 grams of total fat which is very high.

It has 7 grams of saturated fat, 16 grams of Polyunsaturated fat, and 24 grams of Monounsaturated fat.

I suggest you read the whole nutritional value of peanuts to check if it suits your diet plan or not. The best thing I like is that it is very cheap. So any person who can’t afford to get costly protein-rich foods can consume peanuts.

There are other foods as well which are high in protein such as eggs, chicken, chickpeas, beans, etc.

Make sure you are consuming protein in a limited content such that it would easily get absorbed. If you have any suggestions, opinions, or questions, you can ask me on Instagram.

I am a health enthusiast, I love to keep my body fit.

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