WWE Memes
WWE Memes

5 funny WWE memes, hilarious

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WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment is famous all around the world. It has given us enormous entertainment in our childhood. In this age of social media, WWE is providing content for creating memes. Specially, John Cena has become the top meme character on social media.

Let’s see some of the funny memes.


We all are familiar with the sadness we get when we prepare for the exams thoroughly. It feels terrible when we fail in the exam for which we were preparing hard. The above meme of John Cena perfectly portrays the sadness. It feels horrendous.


The thing is that, Bees have an important body part known as stinger. When bees sting you, the stinger is stuck in the skin. Well, you get insane pain from the skin whereas the bee has lost an important body part. Without the stinger, the bee is eventually going to die. Therefore, the above funny meme of John Cena is hysterical in that way.


Well, you are aware of the fact that how feminism is rising today. Women are raising their voices against the patriarchial stuff. They are giving various arguments to defend their views. In the above, utterly funny meme, the Grandma is saying, “Men don’t treat women like they used to!”

To which the wrestler is banging her head with a wooden guitar, depicting how she was treated in her times while she was young by her husband.


The Rock was a phenomenal character in WWE. He was super entertaining on the mic and in the ring as well. Well, you know that we use Google Maps for finding addresses. When we arrive at our location, we don’t pay attention to Google Maps anymore. This meme of Rock perfectly portrays the situation.


Well, I am sure you understood the meme above. You don’t know if she went on a business trip or somewhere else. You lose it when she uses a different position.

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