5 tips to improve your communication skills

Communication is the most important skill for a leader, politician, motivational speaker, and different other professions.

Therefore it is essential for you to master this skill if you want to dominate in different sectors of life.

Here are the five tips which I want to share with you.

1.) First, listen properly

It is important for perfect message delivery that the listener should listen to the message carefully.

You need to first listen and understand it properly for responding.

Because of different barriers, it can happen that the message couldn’t be delivered to you properly.

In this case, you need to ask the sender to come again rather than responding incorrectly.

If you want to respond correctly and precisely you need to listen first otherwise it would create a bad impression on the second person if you respond incorrectly.

2.) Practice

If you need fluency in the language, the only thing which is going to help you is practice.

Practice will make the tongue flexible in speaking continuous and smooth conversations.

If you are a non-English speaker, Practice is the only key to get expertise in English speaking.

Don’t stop until you feel that you have achieved otherwise you would lose your gains.

3.) Body Language and eye contact

People judge you by appearance and body language. If you look dull, it is a red alert for communication. If you look overexcited, it is a red alert as well.

You need to have proper eye contact with the listener so that he would listen and understand your message clearly.

You need to learn different body postures to make an impact on your listener.

4.) Don’t hesitate

Consider, 2 people are seeing each other at a party. They both are interested in each other’s personality. But they are thinking, the other one should talk first.

The party ended and they don’t talk to each other at all.

The moral from this story is that don’t think the other one should talk first. If you are interested, go ahead.

Don,t get demotivated either when somebody is making a laugh at your speaking. It happens, but this is the key, keep going.

5.) Don’t overdo

When you have passed the message clearly, don’t overdo now. Don’t emphasise on something unnecessarily.

You might scare the listener and all the hard work in convincing the listener is wasted.

These are the top things which I think you need to do to improve your communication skills.

Some people are god gifted with their communication skills. You don’t need to get manipulated or demoralised by them. You can improve or develop any skill you want.

Hard work is the key here. Let me tell you an inspiring story of a Bollywood actor named Hritik Roshan. He used to stammer a lot in his childhood but after continuous hard work, he has almost eradicated his disability in speaking.

Constant efforts are required to master this skill. Otherwise, you would lose your gains if you stop practising. I have experienced it by myself.

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