Diet plan of Asim Riaz (Must Read)

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We all are mesmerised by the chiselled body of Asim Riaz. He has done phenomenally well in Bigg Boss 13.

A lot of bodybuilders wants to know the diet of Asim Riaz. Well, here I have researched about his diet.

I am mentioning it just for you.
Below is the diet plan of Asim Riaz.

Diet Plan

Morning: He takes lime warm water with lemon after wake up.

Post-Workout he takes a scoop of whey protein.

Breakfast: He takes 6 boiled eggs whites with 2 whole eggs and dal.

Lunch: He takes 250 grams of chicken breast and 4 egg whites.

Pre Workout: Black Coffee and 1 apple

Dinner: 200 grams of chicken breast with vegetables

Dinner 2: 6 egg whites around 12 am

According to this diet, it is evident that he does workout twice a day. The morning work out includes mostly cardio.

The total amount of protein he takes is around 204 grams.

I got this diet plan from his former gym trainer Harmeet Bhamrah.

Remember, bodybuilding is a sport of sheer discipline and diet.

You need to take proper diet with a time schedule.

You need to eat more protein in order to retain and build those precious muscles which you are trying to build in the gym.

You should not do a lot of cardio because it does deplete your muscle.

Asim Riaz definitely knows his body. Everyone’s body structure and genetics are different.

You need to find the routines and foods for your body to build a muscular physique.

Let’s make a vow to build muscles regardless of anything which is coming in between you and bodybuilding.

I am trying to motivate you to make yourself ready for the determination which Asim Riaz have.

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