Diet Plan of Milind Soman

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Milind Soman a renowned supermodel, film producer, actor and a known fitness promoter. In 2015, he won the title of ‘Ironman’ after completing the ironman triathlon without a break for 15 hours and 19 minutes. Being well known in the world of fitness Milind Soman has maintained such a well-defined figure along with his busy schedules that fans and young models look up to working and learning from him.

Fans have been curious about his secret to a healthy and fit life that he is able to keep even at the age of 55. His passion for fitness is evidently seen through his social media posts, swimming, running or working out. Milind soman chooses to work out outdoors rather than in gyms. While talking about health the fitness model shares his daily diet plan to his admirers during interviews.

The model reveals that he feels he is one of those blessed souls who can eat anything. He has the habit of having simple food since childhood which is absolutely needed for his body and still continues with his norm. He also believes in whole food over refined food which proves to be a healthy meal. He has a very simple and not a very strict diet and when he comes to food he likes all kinds of cuisines and dishes.

The actor shares about his meals starting with breakfast which includes any seasonal fruits, as in whole papaya or two if its small, 5-6 mangoes, half a watermelon, many bananas if available and easy to find fruits during its season. Sometimes milk, porridge with dry fruit resins, with soy milk. If he is still hungry after this then he grabs some cereals, nuts, also museli or dry fruits during the day. For lunch, he has simple dal and rice and vegetables which are the same as dinner. He adds saying he eats his last meal at 7:30 pm.

As a fitness promoter he does not focus on meals alone but also on sleep and rest. His sleep schedule is going to bed by 10: 30-11 pm maximum and waking up by 5: 30 – 6 am so he can manage to get at least 7 hours of rest and also can work out or go for a run.

Refined sugar is an actual no-no for the actor and advises jaggery over refined sugar. He prefers staying away from heavy meals like non-vegetarian foods which is hard to digest. He also mentions that less processed, less packaged, less refined foods guide him when he eats anything.

Along with his diet plan the model speaks about his workout routine which is for three minutes – one-minute plank, one-minute push-ups as many as possible and also one minute of burpees to keep his core strong and flexible. Milind Soman chooses to run barefoot in marathons while most people may think this can cause injury when in reality it is not as it seems but instead makes your feet stronger.

Side by side he is known for his swimming, cycling. With such a simple diet and a simple workout routine he still manages to pull out a well-toned body and his charming looks.

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