Do you think money cures depression

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Let’s just admit it, guys, money solves a lot of problems. If you are unhappy, it is probably because you have a money problem.

So it is obvious that money solves a lot of problems. Money makes you happy. Money can buy you food.

But there are certain problems which are not caused by lack of money.

Some of these problems are relationships issues, got failed in something, loneliness, lack of confidence, etc.

If you are depressed about something and money can’t solve this problem then it is probably a family issue, someone insulted you, etc and you got depression from it.

So you see depression is a thing that can’t be solved by money. You are going to require other things to get out of it.

You would find several examples of rich people who are the victims of depression. I don’t want to take names of them. You can check it out by yourself.

Therefore I don’t think money cures depression. You are gonna need family support, motivation, love, etc to get out of the depression.

You know there are a lot of stuff which money can’t get you. Like you can’t buy bravery, nice personality, calmness, honesty, selflessness, etc.

These qualities are something that is required in living a beautiful life.

Money is a very important factor in life but I think we should be having the required skills to make our lives full.

What do you guys think about it?

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