Five reasons why Facebook is better than all other platforms for business

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Nowadays, marketing has become digital. Businesses are focusing to advertise their products on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, when you are short on money it is difficult to choose only one platform for advertising.

Here are the five points which shows why Facebook is the best platform for business.

1.) More audience

Facebook is the largest social media website in the world. It has approximately 2.23 billion active monthly users. It is the first social networking site to surpass 1 billion users. So if you want to reach to a greater audience, Facebook stands to be the best.

2.) Flexible in all type of content

Instagram is a social platform which has photos and videos. It does not contain written content. Twitter has mostly written posts known as tweets however we can post videos and photos but people mostly use it to write. While Facebook is the only platform which has all the type of content. So it would be easier for marketing and reaching every type of people.

3.) Still a lot of growth for Facebook in developing countries

Developing countries like India, African countries, etc have a vast majority of people who do not use the internet. Due to the popularity of Facebook when they would use the internet, the first social platform for them would be Facebook. So Facebook has long term growth prospects and your business on it.

4.) You can monetize your content on Facebook

If you are a publishing website you can monetize your content like blogs and videos on Facebook in the instant article and Facebook watch.

5.) You can get every type of audience on Facebook

Because Facebook has every type of content. It is obvious that it would have every type of users who have different mindsets. So even if you sell baskets or provide financial services, you can get every type of audience on Facebook.

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