How showing off increases your productivity

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People are fascinated by the luxury life and money.

Some show off their wealth some don’t.
People have a feeling that you would attract jealousy from your friends and other people if you show off. Well, it is true!

But you know if you show off your ideas or things. You get the feeling of insecurity of losing it. Which is a good thing!

It gives you a sense of inspiration to work harder to maintain and increase your wealth and stature otherwise people would laugh on you.

Let me tell you my thing, whenever I portray my ideas of my startup and whenever I show off my stock market gains, people get jealous by me.

I know it happens because I deliberately do it. The idea is that if I show off I get the feeling of insecurity. I got the feeling in my mind that I need to work harder to attain the goals which I have boasted in front of others.

I want you to try this thing out. It really works. You need to show off your goals and aspirations in front of enough people who would get jealous of you but not going to make fun of you.

It is a great concept which works for me. Because I always keep in mind the thing that I need to attain whatever I have said otherwise I would become a laughing stock for others.

I have selflessly showed you one of my techniques to gain continuous inspiration. You don’t need any motivational speaker, nothing. You just need to keep in mind that there are high expectations in the market on you.

You need to have that fear which becomes a driving force in your inspiration to do continuous work.

If you know something better, write in the comments below.

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