How to keep your body fit if you don’t have time to work out

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We all imagine living a healthy and long life with our loved ones but the reality is far different because we live in an age where working to meet the ends need is the flow of life for almost everyone. Having six packs or maybe a body slimmer like an hourglass, I’m sure everyone must’ve imagined having it at least once in their life. But not all of us are fitness lovers who love to exercise 5 hours a day to maintain themselves. Some of us are just too busy with our work piling up, or maybe even when we do have the time we are busy making excuses to avoid doing it. I mean after a very long day of work the thought of getting up again to exercise is just plain torture.

However, does that mean we all will live unfit because of not enough exercise for our body? Probably not. Many other factors help us to keep our body fit, let’s learn a few of them.


First, let’s start with something we all know, that is a healthy diet. A healthy diet will not only help to maintain our body but also protect it from possible diseases. A healthy diet must include a variety of fruits, vegetables, meat and even dairy products. It is said that people with diets rich in vegetables and fruits have a lower risk of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer. A
healthy diet also includes controlling the amount of junk food/fats and oil concentrated food intake. Stop your mind before it decides to gobble down that juicy hamburger.

Mental health is just as important as physical fitness to keep your body fit. You can’t aim for the stars with a mind full of anxiety, stress and depression. The simple art of concentrating your focus on your breathing gives the reward of stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, improved focus and heart rate.

Meditation can be done anywhere, it can be when you’re taking a break from work, while you are travelling somewhere or even when you’re simply laying down on your bed. All you got to do is sit or lay down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and let your body relax. Take small breaths at first and try to concentrate on the contraction and expansion of your chest, then take larger breaths and feel the air that seeps within you. Concentrating on the body that you might have overworked will now seem to be at peace.


Our body is made up of 70% water hence drinking water is very much essential. Keeping your body hydrated helps to keep your mind and body refreshed. Simple yet important benefits like increased energy levels, improved brain functioning and reduction in fatigue and headaches.
Drinking water also helps to reduce weight and enhance your beauty. So make sure to always carry your water bottle along with you.

And lastly walking, something that we do every day and every minute. Simple brisk walking every day will help to achieve a fit body. Walking will help you maintain weight, strengthen your bones, increase your body coordination and balance, and help you lose fats. Simply walking and moving your hands along with your leg movements will physically improve your body. This can be done by simply taking stairs instead of elevators, walking home instead of using a mode of transportation or even going out for a fresh morning walk before dawn.

All these little things will help you to maintain a fit body and a healthy lifestyle however it should be noted that all these things should be done regularly to achieve greater results. So no more excuses and no more stressing over the fact that you are living an unfit life, get up right now to prepare your action plan and get right into the execution.

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