How to make people believe you are trustworthy

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The important ingredient for success in a relationship or business is trust. How many people trust you? What is your credibility in the market? How people are willing to invest in your business. How many friends trust you on their secrets? The trust factor can be very crucial.

Here are the things you need to do to make yourself trustworthy.

1.) Greet people with a smile

When you see a man with a straight face or a serious one. Do you want to talk to him? I don’t think so. Look people with a smile on your face, so that he will become comfortable and can even approach to talk.

Don’t ignore people, people have a habit of ignoring people unnecessarily. This can lead to serious damage in making contacts.

2.) Don’t lie or don’t get caught

There are some people who lie a lot. I mean they lie in every stance to make their self higher. But it’s a no-no, and can hamper your credibility. Don’t lie!

People lie because they are not true or they are hiding something. They are also some people that can lie very smoothly and can even fool some people but trust me wise men will always point you out. So make yourself a good moral character.

3.) Make yourself trustworthy

People tend to attract to the one who is affluent, handsome and smart. Do make yourself one to become a centre of attraction in your friend circle and society.

It is a well-known theory that rich people avoid the poor one. You don’t want to be poor if you want to make people believe you.

4.) Stop overdoing

Some people try to flatter someone for their benefits. But these tricks are easily recognisable and can degrade your image.

Don’t overdo approaching the second person, just make it casual and lightly pitch the topic you want to address. People will find that you are not needy. Then they will not ignore you.

5.) Feed them

It is an experimented trick of mine that whenever you want to make a good friend or relationship, take them to dinner or lunch. Food can seriously build sympathy, affection and love for you. It’s a great way to make yourself trustworthy.

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