How to wake up early

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Have you seen those type of people who wake up early in the morning and you can’t, with all the luring success dreams, still you can’t make it to 5 am.

It’s kind of frustrating after getting late for anything and feel bad about your sleeping abilities.

Let’s see some basic tips which can come in handy.

1) sleep early

Well, if you want to wake up early then sleep early, it’s not rocket science.

2) define your goals

Why do you want to wake up early? What is that prickly reason for waking early in the morning? What will happen if you miss the clock?

These questions you have to ask your self before sleep and then when you will try to wake up you will have the determination by keeping the goal in your mind.

3) don’t delay

“I will wake up after 5 mins”, don’t tell this to yourself, This is the worst enemy in this game.

If you sleep for more 5 mins, then you know when you re going to wake up.

4) Adjust the room temperature

I have always experienced this problem that when I try to wake up, I couldn’t because of the cold temperature.

So my advice to you is when you’re trying to wake up always lower the temperature of Air Condition, fan, etc. It works, believe me, after this you will feel warm and eventually you will wake up.

5) sleep efficiently

If you wake up in the midnight, try to sleep swiftly because what we do is after waking up we feel fresh and waste our time in mobile phones, or deep thinking and then we feel ditzy the whole day.

6) avoid using mobile phones before sleep

According to a study, watching digital screens leads the brain to prevent releasing melatonin hormone, which reduces your ability to get sleep.

This problem is becoming very common, in fact, people are using smartphones to get sleep and they say the reason that it helps their eyes to get tired to get sleep.

Avoid this mobile addiction bro, This leads to fatigue, headaches and the worst ” insomnia”.

Then you will get caught in depression, you will think about your life, regrets.

You will live in the past then your life will become useless, meaningless, full of sadness and depression.

This is a very scary scene, man.

6) eat less before sleep

If you eat a mighty delicious dinner and then when you go to the bed, because of the rush of flavour your mind stays active.

On the other hand, sleeping reduces the digestion process so if you eat big, you might have to go to the bathroom multiple times.

The conclusion

Guys, you’re wasting a lot of time doing things which do not add value to your life.

Day Dream about your success, it will give you the will to wake up.

If you strive for something, you will surely get it.

But if you don’t want to do it then all the methods and tips are useless.

So it depends on you if you want to wake up early in the morning.

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