List of motivations for continuous development

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You cannot get continuous stimulus in doing working efficiently without having any inspiration and motivation.

Without it, you would drain out and lose hope to achieve your goals.

I have researched about top 5 things which you require for continuous motivation to be on track on your development and goals.

Here is the list.

1.) Fire in the belly

You cannot achieve anything if you don’t have the utmost urge to achieve it.

This is the most important point I have mentioned in the first place. You need to have the desire to achieve.

You need to have constant determination t work for your success. You should always think about the things which you want to do. You should make a checklist of to-do tasks.

Creating a checklist would give you the direction and accomplishing it would give you the motivation and contentment.

2.) Family expectations

I know it is annoying that your father is constantly forcing you to do things. But hey, that is extremely advantageous for you.

If someone is forcing you to do something or if they have high expectations on you then it is a great reason for you to do things.

When you respect the expectations of your loved ones, you tend to work continuously neglecting of procrastination and laziness.

3.) Appetite for more

You should never be comfortable with what you have. I know it sounds foolish but this is one of the top sources of motivation for success.

You need to have a desire to achieve more. Whatever it might be. You should always think of getting things more to get the utmost drive of motivation.

People say that you should be satisfied with what you have. But I won’t tell you this. Whenever you get satisfied your urge to get more is destroyed.

It is not bad if you need more. This is the top characteristic which you would find in the most successful people.

Bill Gates or Warren Buffet wouldn’t have achieved if they had satisfied with less. They would have stopped at a billion dollars but they are multi-billionaires.

4.) Money

This is the best source of motivation. If you want more money you would work for it, simple.

You should have a desire for cars, house, etc which definitely require money.

If you have desires then the only thing which is going to fulfil them is money. Therefore you would work for money.

Money is one of the top reasons people crave for success.

5.) Fame

Success comes with 2 things, money and fame. I have seen people work rigorously whether in Gym or on a startup. Their primary goal was not money, it was fame.

Fame is such a lucrative thing, you are attracted by it. This can be your top source of motivation to work on your business, goals and career. Fame is one of the reasons why People enter show business.

I have listed the top source which I think would be best for motivation. There can other things which might work for you.

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