Parasite: Film Review

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The South Korean Oscar-winning movie ‘parasite’ written and directed by Bong Joon Ho is a dark comedy thriller movie released in 2019. The movie with a funny, socially realistic and heart-stirring storyline will give you goosebumps. The story revolves around a poor family who is barely surviving. Bong Joon Ho tried to describe the difference between a rich and a poor, the thick line separating the two and the struggles of the latter in order to live is beautifully depicted by him in this movie.

The Kim family who lived in a semi-basement apartment were a poverty-stricken family. Struggling to even feed themselves properly the family readily took up any jobs available at their hands. The Kim family had four members: Kim Ki Taek the father, Chung Sook the mother, Kim Ki Woo the eldest son and Kim Ki Jung the youngest daughter.

The story begins when Min Hyuk offers Ki Woo to work as an English tutor at the Park’s to teach their eldest daughter. However, since he didn’t have enough qualification to teach someone he felt absurd about the offer. Min Hyuk still pursued him by telling him to forge his documents, a sweet offer that was hard to resist. With Ki Jung’s help who forged all his certificates, Ki Woo was now ready to step inside the Park’s household.

After entering the house Ki Woo meets Choi Yeon Gyo the madame of the house. Yeon Gyo who was really troubled about her youngest son, wanted to hire a new art teacher for him, Ki Woo who saw this opportunity introduced his sister Ki Jung as Jessica who studied at Illinois University. This leads to the beginning of a perfect plan, letting Ki Woo’s family members slowly enter the Park’s household. Ki Taek who replaced the driver and Chung Sook who took over the housemaid who used to work at the Park’s for a very long time.

The story starts taking a turn from this point on when the Park decides to leave for a short camping trip giving Ki Woo and his family the chance to sneak inside the luxurious house. Ki Woo and his family slowly started to imagine themselves as rich as the Park, hoping to change their future.

According to their plan, the family who believed that everything was taking place was left stunned when the old housemaid unexpectedly wanted to enter the house again. Chung Sook lets the maid enter who later reveals a secret bunker beneath the house where she kept her husband. Chung Sook who was shocked at the reveal decided to threaten the maid Gook Moon Gwang however before she could do that the maid found out the truth of the Kim family who had deceived the owners of the house.

This made both the families turn against each other, trying to hide their crimes to escape their fates. But the situation just got worse as the Park’s family suddenly came back due to heavy rains.

Not ready to give up yet the Ki Woo and his family knocked out the maid and grabbed her husband forcefully pushing them inside the bunker again. The maid later died in the bunker and her husband unable the bear the shock demanded revenge. The next day Ki Woo decided to go back into the bunker
to meet the maid but was roughly hit in the head by the maid’s husband. The husband who went out of the bunker with blood splattered all over his face ended up killing Ki Jung. The youngest son who had seen the man before in the house was left terrified and collapsed. Chung Sook seeing her daughter bathed in blood launched at the maid’s husband, killing him in the end.

While taking out the car keys that were left beneath the body of the maid’s dead husband the head of the Park’s family complained about the foul smell coming from the dead man. Seeing this Ki Taek felt outraged, as to how the head of the house treated the man who was in the same condition as theirs.
Feeling of disgust, hate and unfairness took over Ki Taek who in the end killed the head of the Park’s family.

The movie will leave you speechless and wondering what will happen to the family after everything? This dark side of the society where one has to kill the other for survival. The rich and the poor concept is something so natural and common yet is like oil and water. The end of the movie will definitely move many viewers to tears.

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