Shehnaz Gill and her weight loss plan

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The lockdown period was not favourable for many but for some, it proved to be of immense importance. We are talking about the very famous ‘Punjab ki kudi’ universally known as ‘Punjab ki Katrina’ .

This very beautiful singer turned actress set an unbelievable example for those who thought cutting on fat was simply out of the league for her. She was mocked by people for her chubby cheeks and hefty hips. But now, there is a huge transformation in her. This makeover has brought her in limelight again. She is the most gorgeous looking, now the owner of a fabulous trimmed body. She is the very renowned Shehnaz Gill.

Shehnaz Kaur Gill is known for her Punjabi music videos but gained recognition after participating in the famous Indian reality show ‘BIGBOSS 13′. When she was in the Big boss house, she was laughed upon and mocked for her weight and fat. Even though she was the most charming face of Big Boss 13 and a finalist, still other contestants thought that becoming fit was not her cup of tea.

This slim trim model proved everyone wrong and drafted her own strategy for
burning her fats. This supremely difficult task was to shed some weight and look slimmer and trimmer. She was 67kgs and became 55kgs in less than 6 months. How did she manage to lose 12 kgs in lockdown? Was it vigorous exercise at home? Was it spending hours sweating in the gym? Was it a dynamic workout? The answer is ‘NO’. It was merely a diet plan which she followed strictly and proved the people wrong.

She says that everything came to a standstill in lockdown. All her work just paused so she thought let’s make the most of this free time. Let’s work on the weight. She completely stopped the consumption of high calorie, sugar items.

She avoided chocolates, meat and meat products and controlled her craving for ice creams. She set a new meal plan wherein she ate only 1 or 2 home-cooked items twice a day. So it was a moong dal for lunch and mostly the same for dinner. She says cutting down on variety also makes a difference. She also reduced the quantity as well.

She ate half the portion for which she was hungry. When asked her personally she exclaims this as ‘Maan Marke Khati thi’. She says restricting and controlling your diet is a very important trick in weight loss. So it’s staying safe at home in lockdown and achieving what you want. This journey of losing 12 kgs in less than 6 months had paved the way for her new offers in the industry. She is waiting for the best offer to click.

She has surely proved that her will and determination is stronger and she can climb this ladder of success with her never give up attitude. She set an example of how an unfortunate lockdown situation can be turned around if you wish and work towards it.

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