Steps to stop wasting time and start focusing

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It’s really hard to stop wasting time because of all the distraction that is happening all around us. It is very important to make your day productive if you want to achieve your goals.

Following are the steps which you can take to make the most of your time.

1.) Make a checklist

Make a list of all the things you want to do in a single day. You need to complete the whole tasks in a given period if you want to achieve your target.

Start by doing easy and small tasks, in this way you would feel good whenever you will complete the tasks. There will be less number of tasks left when you will start by doing simple things. It would be easier to complete the checklist this way.

2.) Always remember your goals

It is very important to complete the tasks which are leading to your goals. Targets can be anything, washing the floor or preparation for exams. You need to be specific while selecting tasks, in this way it would be easier to complete the goals.

3.) Avoid internet

It is the most addictive thing nowadays, you cannot get away from the internet easily.

It is very important to take your mobile phone aside if you want to achieve the maximum efficiency in a period of time.

4.) Don’t try to consume at once

Sometimes people want to do a lot of work in a given time and after completing, they tend to rest and stop working for a few days. It happens, I have experienced it myself.

Do a few tasks daily, working every day is very important to make a habit of work. There is a Japanese technique which says to work daily for one minute at the same time to avoid laziness, this theory is known as Kaizen.

5.) Enjoy your time

I think this is a very important thing to do, you don’t want to feel isolated in a series of task and routine. You need to enjoy your time as a mechanism to lower friction, wear and tear in your system.

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