The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Film Review

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If you are looking for a chilling horror movie based on a real-life incident then this movie is for you. The combination of a courtroom and demons bring a unique mix of horror mystery and thriller in one story. It revolves more around the jury and the court than any mediocre horror movie.

Scott Derrickson is the director along with Laura Linney as the defence lawyer, Tom Wilkinson as Father Moore, Jennifer Carpenter playing the role of Emily Rose have remarkably contributed to their roles.

Based on the experience of Anneliese Michel, a German woman, doctors diagnosed her with psychosis and epilepsy while her religious family claimed her to be tackled and possessed by dark forces which proved to be the cause of death.

The story rotates from the courtroom to the flashbacks of what they saw Emily went through and back. Father Moore gives his validation that he was only casting out the savages that dwelled in her while doctors called it a human psychosis disorder. Even her family and boyfriend believed that Emily suffered from some kind of force that was inhuman due to the pain and changes she went through. The girl suffered from not only cuts and bruises but mental trauma and hunger.

During Father Moore’s testimony, he reveals that Emily was not just under the hold of one demon but seven demons that desired to take over her soul. The prosecutors showed evidence that the young girl would have been cured if the priest wouldn’t have intruded and could carry on the medication.

The priest provides evidence of tape recording of the encounters with the demons when he performed several exorcisms on the girl to the court to justify himself. The law does not believe in the unknown but true, reasonable and concrete evidence.

The film has terrifying and heart-dropping scenes which might be horrifying for many viewers. The story loosely based on Anneliese Michel was very well depicted by the actors, after watching it keeps a print of horror on the viewers and keeps curiosity to know what happens next.

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