The Dragon Emperor did the right thing with General Ming

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We all are in love with the Mummy trilogy. These are one of the Entertaining movies of Hollywood.

I genuinely like the third movie of the Mummy series regardless of the fact that Rachel Weisz was not playing the role of Evy.

I love how these movies have incredible introductory scenes to describe the background of the story, like how Imhotep was mummified alive in the first part or how the Dragon Emperor was cursed.

I want to talk about the scene between the Dragon Emperor and General Ming.

I don’t like how General Ming is being portrayed as a good person.

He is the man who went against the command of his Emperor. The Dragon Emperor specifically instructed him not to touch the sorceress.

In my view, it is a great disrespect to any King who specially asks you to do to which you have done the exact opposite of it.

I don’t like how General Ming’s action is justified. I don’t like how he is portrayed as a good person. As a matter of fact, he was with the Dragon Emperor in his military expeditions and mass slaughter.

Therefore I have written this article to convey my views about the character of General Ming.

Jet Li looks incredible in the role of the Dragon Emperor.

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