The scope of Imitation Jewellery in India

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Indians love gold, India comes on the tenth rank for the largest reserve of gold in the world.

In India, people have a habit of buying gold on festivals, marriages as investments and jewellery.

But with all that lustre, it comes with some demerits as well. It is a very costly metal to use as jewellery.

A country like India where millions of people are below the poverty line and where there is a vast number of people who are under the age of 20, It is obvious that these people would prefer imitation jewellery.

Imitation jewellery has perfect specifications for young people. It is cheap, fancy, and always gets into a trend because of the new designs.

The scope of Imitation Jewellery in India is huge. I have seen some bracelets which were so beautiful and attractive. It was made by hand with cheap commodities.

India has a great human force to flourish in this business. As most of the imitation jewellery is produced by hand only.

If you want to start this business, the scope of growth is huge. If you want to start this business, you can ask queries in the comment section below. Please follow us on social platforms and YouTube as well.

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