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YouTube is nowadays a lucrative carrier. Everbody wants to upload videos and earn money. It is definitely a great way to earn money if you are very good at your niche topic.

Because of the popularity of YouTube, there is a lot of competition like you will see a lot of techs, cooking, humour channels and much more in multiple quantities.

So if you want to start a YouTube channel, you need to know about its earnings and how to grow it.

How to grow a YouTube channel?


Search Engine Optimisation, you have heard of it, right? well, it is a process of increasing organic traffic on a website or YouTube video.

There are different factors SEO depends on, in which video description and video title keywords are most important.

YouTube and Google are not going to see your videos. They look at your title keywords and video description to rank your videos in search results.

So write video title and description cleverly.

2)Promote on social media

Social media is a great way to get traffic to your videos. If you have a huge following, you can get traffic easily.

Note-getting traffic on social media is temporary, you need to work on SEO which is the best way to get traffic, make sure your video is of great quality.

How to earn money on YouTube?

1) Advertising

You can earn through advertisements which will be shown on your videos by Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a Google advertisement program which will give you 55% of revenue generated by advertisements shown in your videos.

Keep in mind that Google Adsense will put advertisement only after your channel gets 10,000 views.

2) Affiliate marketing

You can earn by sharing affiliate links in your YouTube channel, people are earning huge money through affiliate marketing.

3)Direct Promotions

If you have got huge traffic on your YouTube channel then Advertising companies will contact you to join your channel.

Then you have to make a video of their products, description, positive reviews, etc and for that, they will pay you.

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