Top 5 tricks to charm anyone

Top 5 tricks to charm anyone

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In this competitive world, we need connections. We need to make potential and powerful friends to make our circle better.

Life is easy when you know people who can help you. Even if you want to get girls you need to have some ways which would help you to influence them.

So, I am giving you the top 5 tricks and tips which would help you to make friends and connections.

1.) Use positive observations as icebreakers

I have been in an awkward situation where I am sitting with someone like a stranger and I am completely quiet. That is some serious awkwardness.

But later I learnt that it is better to have a chit chat to make the condition more comfortable.

Here is how you can start a chat, you should observe the individual and compliment him or her about something. For example, your glasses look nice!. That way, it would be a good start to chat.

2.) Make eye contact

Good eye contact makes you look confident. According to a study, good eye contact makes the second person more empathetic. 

But don’t stare too much otherwise you are going to scare him or her. I have been a victim of that. I was dancing with someone in the pub and I was making eye contact too much which made her uncomfortable. 

Therefore, no staring.

3.) Say less and listen more

I think you have heard this before. You need to be a good listener to look good. According to a study, people who listen without interruption become trustworthy in the eyes of the second person.

Also, if you speak less then the probability of saying something stupid is also less.

4.) Respect

I don’t think I need to emphasize more on this than how crucial it is to respect someone. 

But some people tend to insult others. We can say it as innocent insults as they do it in a fun way. But it can make someone hate for just few words.

So if you are meeting someone for the first time, try not to be too cocky. Be decent.

5.) Make yourself look good

Well, if you look good you have won half of the battle. Good Looks immediately grasp attention. I have observed it in my personal life.

You know they say that good looking people get less duration of jail term.

Wear good clothes, groom yourself, look clean and smell good, that’s easy, right? 

I think this is something which we all should go after. Looking good also boosts your confidence. 

There are other factors as well that will help you charm others. Also, calling someone’s name correctly impacts. You know, one time I purposely called someone by the wrong name, I observed that she started hating me because of that.

Don’t be too proud of yourself. Always accept your mistakes, that makes you look like you are an honest person.

Eventually, if you look happy then you can light up any place. People who are looking to make connections will likely be willing to be friends with you. 

If you have other tips, do write in the comments below.

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