Top 5 WhatsApp status videos for download

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We all are very much concerned about the kind of content we want to put on WhatsApp especially.

I know people are judging you based on your WhatsApp status nowadays.

To be honest, I have been a victim of my parents outrage when I posted party pics and videos with girls.

I know you search on Google for different content to post on your WhatsApp status.

So here I am suggesting you my 5 videos which would look great on your WhatsApp status.


This video of snow would give you chills. The background music is great. It feels like it is the theme of the film The Revenant.

This 30-second video is perfect in this timeline as it is December and it is getting cold in here.

Even if you don’t want to put it in your WhatsApp status, just view it once as it carries huge engagement. It is my personal favourite.


Merry Christmas everyone! This is the time of the year when the Christmas festival is celebrated all over the World.

So why don’t you use the above video to put it in your status? The video is great and freshly created. 


Guess what is coming after Christmas.

It is the New Year. 2022 is coming, I can’t believe 2021 is about to get over.

Time is running so fast. Please God, make it slow.

Anyways, I was telling that you can use the above video for your new WhatsApp status because the year is about to end.

I know this year is not easy as well. We all have faced hardships. I have lost my aunt this year due to Coronavirus. But we have to keep moving forward.


It is very common when we send Good Morning posts to WhatsApp groups and contacts.

Why not use this Sunrise video for greeting everyone in your WhatsApp status.

The music is great and the length of the video is cut out according to the duration of the WhatsApp status.

It would be really impressive to put a video rather than forwarding old rusty messages to other WhatsApp groups and people.


Who doesn’t love cats? I love cats more than anything. The reason is simple, they are disgustingly cute.

So if you are also a cat lover then I have created the above video for you.

Use this super cute video of a cat and kitten with jolly music in the background.

Feel free to use the videos in your WhatsApp status, I have custom made those for you.

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