Top 7 memes for Ramazan 2022

Top 7 memes for Ramazan 2022

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Ramazan is a month of fasting in Islam. This month have a huge significance in the Islamic world.

People must be believing that it is a month of hardship which it is. But Muslims enjoy this month a lot by eating a variety of dishes, doing prayers, etc.

Therefore, I have decided that I would create this post for halal Ramazan memes. 

This was like 2 years ago when the pandemic started and everywhere there was lockdown.

I started eating what was left after everyone left for Maghrib namaz after Iftar.

It was quite fun.

It has happened to me a lot in the past when I completely forgot that I was fasting.

I used to eat and drink in the fast because I forgot that I was on a fast.

It is quite comforting yet destructive if it happens to you. Because if you start eating or drinking something in the middle of fasting, then your body wants more.

Well, this is quite known that in Ramzan, it is believed that your reward is multiplied by 70 for your deeds whether it is good or bad.

So that is also a reason why Muslims do a lot of good stuff such as charity, salahs, etc.

I know what happens when you are sitting in front of so many tasty dishes and waiting for the Imam to call for breaking the fast.

Some restless people literally look after the watch. They count the time literally during the pre Iftar period.

This is quite funny actually if you are a kid. Because kids’ faces become long when they fast and eagerly wait for the clock to move.

This is a normal thing, actually. Because water is such an important element for our body.

Most of people say that they would eat less and be fine during fasting but less water in the body is definitely a no-no for them.

Therefore, people rush for drinking water as soon as they know that it is only few minutes left for the Suhoor to end.

You know one of the most common things you do in Ramzan is Salah. People tend to pray 5 times a day.

But I have sensed that it got faded away in the 3rd Ashra.

The reason for that is because people start to shop a lot in the 3rd Ashra. They get distracted.

Also, the kind of food that is present on the streets is mind-blowing. I have observed, people eat a lot of street food, especially in the third Ashra.

Well in India, it is quite common that Muslims use Rooh Afza drink a lot. It is a nice sweet beverage that is red in colour.

It is so tasty that is why maybe it is the first preference for Muslims to drink after just breaking the fast.

Well, there are a lot of memes on Ramazan. I just love memes. Enjoy this holy month and pray a lot.

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