Top personalities of Cryptocurrency World

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Cryptocurrency is very popular due to many different personalities, global events, and occurrences, it has been a decade ever since the first Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin being introduced to the world. Satoshi Nakamoto is alleged to be the first founder of Cryptocurrency all over the world known as Bitcoin. Satoshi is the author of the Bitcoin White Paper. Other blockchain companies along with Bitcoin have created an unregulated and unstable market that will likely be the future for the currency.

In today’s market, nearly 1,700 Cryptocurrencies are available, when Bitcoin was at its peak it went from $300 to $20,000 alone. In today’s date, Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset that requires a great amount of information as well as research for the right utilization.

The following are the Top Personalities in the world of Cryptocurrencies:


The first Founder of Cryptocurrency, without him and his contribution the world of digital currency would’ve not been possible today. He is an unidentified man, no one knows who is he, where is he from, is he an individual or a group of developers who created Bitcoin, absolutely no one knows about his whereabouts at this point even the name “ Satoshi Nakamoto” could be his fake identity.


Charlie Lee is the man who created the Lite Coin in October 2011. Globally he is known as the creator of the third-largest Cryptocurrency, he is Japan’s one of the most talented programmers and computer scientists and has also worked for Google.


Brandon Chez is a thirty-year-old programmer and the founder of the Coin Market Cap. Chez is one of the largest programmers and aggregators of online Cryptocurrency.


Elon Musk is worldwide famous for his numerous investments in Cryptocurrency, he’s a very popular Entrepreneur who has been linked several times as Satoshi Nakamoto.

There was a buzz going around all over the internet when a former intern at SpaceX Sahil Gupta wrote a blog saying that Elon Musk probably might be Satoshi Nakamoto due to his background in economics, and his experience in software development. Later on, Elon musk put a stop to these rumours by stating that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto, Musk further said that he has lost most of the BTC sent to him by his friend years back. However, the speculation is still going around about who could be Satoshi Nakamoto.


Pavel Durov is a 35-year-old who founded the social networking site VK and later on developed Telegram. He founded Telegram when he was 28, but due to the differences of his shareholders, he had to forcefully leave the project. In 2017 the net worth of Telegram was $1Billion, Pavel, later on, was associating with Cryptocurrency to create the proxy Blockchain system.


Vitalik Buterin was not only a reporter but also a developer in the Bitcoin Magazine. He invented Ethereum in 2013 and later on the development was done in 2014 further ongoing live in July 2015. The other founders that were together with Buterin were Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson, and Anthony Di Lorio.

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