Top social sites for driving traffic on your website

It takes a lot of hard work to rank your website on Google. It’s very hard to gain organic traffic from Google search engine. But if you have a good following on social media then you can drive an insane amount of traffic from it.

Here are the top sites for driving traffic on your website.

1.) Facebook

Do you know Facebook? Ha Ha, If you have a good following on Facebook. If your posts are influencing people then its good news for you. Just share the link and see the rise in traffic.

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2.) Instagram

Instagram is mighty! It has taken down snap chat because of its popularity and everything. But you can’t share links on it as it is a photo and video-based social media. But you can add your website links in the bio and ask people to go through it in your posts.

3.) Twitter

I think Twitter has a good quality of audience. It is one of the biggest social platforms in the world. If you are an influencer then you just have to share the link.

4.) Pinterest

It is a social website for links. It is a more niche social platforms for driving traffic as there are only links in it. You can drive a great amount of traffic from it.

5.) WhatsApp

I think people are more influenced by you if you are sending something as they are your relatives, friends and known people. There is a very high probability that the links would go viral on Whatsapp as the people you are sending to are concerned about it.

I have not listed other websites. These are the websites which I personally use. Please follow me on these websites. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more knowledge and entertainment.

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