Top social sites for driving traffic on your website

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It is super tough to drive traffic on your website when your website has a low search engine ranking.

But if you have a suitable amount of audience on social media then it becomes easy to drive traffic regardless of the fact that you don’t rank in the search results.

I have mentioned the top 5 social platforms which I use to drive traffic on my blog.

Here are as follows:

1.) Pinterest

This is one of the top platforms which I use to drive traffic on my blog.

This is a link sharing platform where you can post links of websites and social media posts.

It is a great platform to build an audience for your website or a blog.

2.) Facebook

Definitely, Facebook is on the list. It is the largest social media platform in the world.

Being the biggest social platform, it has every kind of audience.

Therefore, you build an audience on Facebook and post links of your website to drive traffic on it.

3.) Quora

Quora is a question-answer website. Here you post questions and answer to other questions.

It allows you to add web links to your answers. It is a superb way to drive traffic because Quora ranks higher on Google.

The more people would read your answers the more traffic you would get.

4.) LinkedIn

If your website is about technology, business or self-improvement then LinkedIn can be a great source to drive traffic.

I have experienced that people are interested in reading blog posts because they are educated professionals.

LinkedIn is full of text content. Therefore, you might thrive with your blog if you are good at it.

5.) Instagram

You might say Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform how it would drive traffic to our website? Hey, have you heard about the swipe up option you get in your stories?

You require 10 thousand followers to get this option.

You can ask people to swipe up and people would land on your web link which you would embed.

These are the platforms which I use. There may be others.

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