What do you call someone who enjoys seeing others suffer

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Have you seen people who are laughing at you or smiling at your situation when you are in trouble?

I know you have seen them. That makes you question that why are they enjoying someone’s suffering.

Sometimes, people are jealous of you and your success. They don’t want you to be happy because of their personal reasons. These people can be found around you and you probably know them as well.

But what about the people who are strangers. How come they feel good when they see someone in misery?

Well, there are some psychological problems people are having by which they feel good when seeing others getting suffered.

Schadenfreude, It is a complex emotion that makes one feel good while seeing someone in pain.

This happens to people who have mental issues, low self-esteem or they feel insecure.

However, Sadism is a term that says that sadistic people derive pleasure by inflicting pain on others rather than just watching it.

Sadists are those people who don’t even know you, still, they would satisfy themselves by watching you in pain.

I feel terrible while thinking about how someone can derive pleasure from someone’s misery.

I must propagate that we should always be helping others in difficult situations irrespective of our differences.

If you believe that you have some mental issue, please consult a doctor.

We should be making this world a better place by helping others.

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