What is E-commerce dropshipping

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E-commerce has taken a boost in last 10 years, nowadays many people are buying and selling products online. The volume is so huge that the amazon.com owner, Jeff Bezos is now one of the richest men in the world.

E-commerce websites are not only for buyers but also for sellers, if you are a retailer who sells goods will definitely make your business more by taking it online.

What about the people who neither produce nor have storage of goods, How can they make money? Well here is the answer.

Drop shipping is a business in which an individual does not have a stock of goods and he is not even a manufacturer.

So he just takes buy orders and forwards it to the manufacturer or retailer.

Dropshipping can be started with no money as you are taking orders on behalf of the customers.

You can start it on WordPress by adding a woocommerce plugin. The plugin is free.

You can start your online store on Shopify, it is very easy to setup your store.

1) low initial cost

2) simple to run

3) easy to work from anywhere

If you want an e-commerce website, you have to buy a domain name, hosting, SSL license.

You can also setup your store in your existing blog, here are the steps

1) create a subdomain name

2) install WordPress

3) install and activate the woocommerce plugin

4) setup the plugin

You need SSL certificate in order to secure the web traffic and confidential numbers like credit cards.

You can work from anywhere as you are just redirecting the order to the seller.

You don’t need stocks of products.

Well, It is not just a piece of cake, when it is super easy, it is also super competitive.

There would be lower margins of profit because everybody wants to earn money so everybody would lower the margins in order to attract more customers.

People are becoming smart, they are searching for a single product on different e-commerce websites to get things cheaper.

Final words

It cannot be taken as a full time job, It is a passive income source.

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