What to do if you are drowning in water

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You don’t want aquaphobia, as you would fear from going into the water. If you have an experience of drowning you know what I am talking about.

Let’s see what you have to do if you are drowning.

1.) Don’t panic

It’s the most important thing when you are struggling in the water. When you panic, you don’t get enough oxygen. It can lead to choking and you would drink a lot of water and then you would get drowned, so no panicking.

2.) Try to float

Keep your head out of the water and fill your lungs with air. In this way, it will give you buoyancy. Keep your belly button up and relax.

3.) Always keep a friend

If you are drowning and if no one is there to help you. You are having very bad luck then. Even if you did all the necessary measures, there is very less possibility that you will get saved. So keep a friend who will help you.

4.) Don’t go into the water if you don’t know swimming

Its the best way if you don’t want to get drowned.

A bad experience can give you a very severe phobia of water. Be safe and get away from water if you don’t know swimming.

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