Why India needs to focus on retail rather than e-commerce

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E-commerce is now becoming a revolution in the business world.

Look at amazon.com, biggest animal in the sector which have made Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world.

Nowadays, E-commerce is becoming an easy and better way to do business as compared to the offline retail sector.

Advantages of e-commerce over retail

1) you don’t need a chain of shops to expand your business.

2) you will be exposed to all the online customers which want to buy products.

3) fewer workers are required.

It is good for business, but for generating employment it lags behind the retail.

There are growing customers to e-commerce but it is a fact that still there are millions of people in India who don’t know how to use a mobile phone except using WhatsApp and YouTube.

There are also the types of people who like to shop offline.

For developing countries like India where unemployment is the biggest problem which people are facing right now. By promoting retail business, millions of jobs would be created.

Retail business is filled with local working women because it is an easy job and it doesn’t require a PhD for working in a Walmart store.

10+2, 8+2 education is sufficient for anyone who wants to work in a mall or to open a retail shop.

India should focus on its retail business because of its employment generating ability.

One of the problems which we may not observe is that the e-commerce sites are very complex for a man who can’t read a simple sentence in English.

I am not against e-commerce, it is a great way to revolutionise the who business ecosystem.

But a country like India, where there is a lot of illiteracy and a lot of unemployment, a retail business cannot be ignored as if it is a dead meat.

Startup India is a great project by the government for the startups.

But the government needs to understand that not everybody is born to become a CEO or founder of the company.

Some people want to become an employee, they want a regular 9 to 5 job.

People are questioning the government for its inability to provide jobs.

Retail business will empower women who want to work for an extra income.

E-commerce is much better for the developed nations like the USA and European countries where unemployment is very less, people are educated enough to understand the internet.

In a country where you are trying to counsel people to build toilets in their house and not to do in open, you cannot simply ignore retail business and only just promote e-commerce startups by digital India.

E-commerce is good to do as a business but for a government who wants to generate jobs for the people, retail simply can’t be ignored.

Businessmen will not prefer retail over e-commerce because it is growing at a very higher pace.

However retail malls like Dmart, Avenue supermarkets are expanding at a good pace in India.

While the retail giant Walmart has recently purchased the Indian e-commerce company Flipkart for $16 billion dollars.

So it is the duty of the government and other businessmen to stress on retail sector to generate jobs, especially for lowly educated men and women.

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