You need to know these things to pursue graduation in Australia

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Australia is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Well, you might appreciate Australia has a high quality of education.

If you are planning to complete graduation in Australia, you need to consider these options after completing your graduation.

1.) Working after graduation

First of all, if you are planning to work after completing your graduation, you need to obtain a visa. You cannot work with your student visa. Australian government grants student visa considering that you would leave the country after completion of your graduation.

Therefore, one cannot work with your student visa. Several types of visas are available, a few are as follows.

Skilled Graduate Temporary Visa:
This stands as a sheer popular visa. It allows you to work for 18 months if you have completed at least 2 years of study in Australia.

Training and Research Visa:

The current employer sponsors this visa which allows you to work for up to 2 years

Regional Sponsored Visa:

You can grab this visa if you wish to work in a specialised regional area. It can surely support you to grab the permanent residency in Australia.

There are several other visas for consideration.

You can also apply for skilled — Independent (Residence) Visa which allows permanent residence for students. One must complete at least 2 years of study. However, Students need to qualify for this visa.

If you have completed your graduation, you can grab a tour of this beautiful country by obtaining innings a working and holiday visa. This allows to you work and travel for 12 months.

If you wish to just relax and need a break from your studies, you can catch a tourist visa and visit the beautiful beaches in Australia.

Generally, Australia uses a point system for the visas to determine if the applicant holds as qualified for the visa. The points which are evaluated by examining these conditions.

1.) Communication skill in English
2.) Occupation in demand
3.) Age in between 18 and 44 years
4.) Work experience
5.) Length of study
6.) Sponsorship

You can check the official websites for detailed information.

2.) Get back the to native country

If you wish to move back to your home country, you need to cancel services like telephone, electricity, etc.

Your degree will compose a wonderful impression in your home country if it’s a developing one. People do attract foreigners in developing countries, I have seen that in historical places. You can easily show off with your degree. I feel you would land on a satisfactory job if you are skilled and talented.

3.) Stay for further studies

You can extend your visa for further studies. It might be a favourable option as you would grab a higher degree. You would gain further experience which can benefit you. You need to have financing for further studies as it can be costly.


Don’t jump onto decision without research and thinking. 1 awful decision can ruin your few years of your life. Consider career counselling after graduation. Ask for advice from your parents and loyal friends.

Best of luck for your future.

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