Amazon VS Flipkart: Review

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I am an Indian consumer so I have experienced both the companies.

I am going to review them in terms of customer service which is the most important factor for an e-commerce business.

Let’s just first take Amazon.

I have been buying products on Amazon since a long time.

I must say they have the best customer service. You know sometimes products don’t get delivered to you because of some reasons and the e-commerce company doesn’t care, Amazon is not like that.

Many times some glitch comes while delivering a product. Amazon takes care of you. They even call you back, can you believe that?

That is why I am a permanent buyer of Amazon products.

Now Let’s do the Flipkart review.

I used to buy products from Flipkart as well. But because of certain bad experiences, I have completely stopped buying from them.

Once I bought Home Gym equipment from Flipkart. When I didn’t get the delivery after several days I called them and you know what they said?

They said they don’t know where is the product. Can you imagine that? They themselves couldn’t track the product.

Once my uncle wanted to return the product to Flipkart which was defected. It turned out he couldn’t regardless of contacting them several times even though the product was returnable. Their delivery boy never came for the product.

Because of these experiences, I am pretty determined that I would always be a consumer of Amazon. After all Customer Satisfaction is the greatest.

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If you have different   experiences you can write in the comments below. I am curious.

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