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Memes on Exams

Memes on Exams (Must View)

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Exam is a phenomenon that creates a bundle of memories. We all have gone through hustle and bustle during exam times. Nowadays people are sharing their emotions through memes. Memes on Exams are something that should never be seen or scrolled during study for exams. Let’s see.

Many of us must have cheated in the exams at some point. During an exam, when your friend is cheating and the teacher is unable to notice it. You get jealous and inform the teacher about your friend who is cheating.

I think that’s reasonable because you have studied hard for the exam and you cannot see another person writing exams by cheating. Or you have not studied at all and you don’t know how to cheat therefore you cannot see another person’s success. This meme of Nana Patekar will do justice to this situation.

I don’t think your friend will find it reasonable.


I think this is more of a serious topic because we try to degrade others by saying that you would fail the exam. We should encourage others and boost their morale, not demoralize them.
However, it feels too good when you pass the exams with flying colors against your critics’ expectations.

I love this scene from the Gangs of Wasseypur film series. It is such a cult movie. Memes on Exams are going on, where are you going?


Sometimes it happens when you are writing an exam and it is 5 minutes remaining for the exam to be over. Your friend sitting behind you is continuously heckling you for showing him the answer to that question. At last, you feel defeated and let him copy your answer sheet. At this time, you fail to write the answer to the last question, and the bell rings.

You submit your answer sheet without attempting the last question. Sad!

But, you feel like an angel when your friend thanks you after the exam for that question. This scene from OMG movie is suitable for this situation.


I have done this a lot. I have passed many exams with just one-night of study. We used to study for the exam one night before it. And miraculously we used to get passed in it.

It feels great to see your results with all the passing marks. This scene from Khatta Meetha movie is apt for what I am saying. Because it is kind of shocking as well.

Exams come and go but some exams where the stuff has happened will stick with you. Those memories are with you forever. I remember some exams where I feel I was in Kindergarten. I don’t know if my memory is too good.

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