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This cat wants to snuggle a lot

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I mean who doesn’t like a cat? Cat is one of the best pets one can have. They are not dirty, when they show love then it is genuine. They smell good. Cat doesn’t like forced compassion from their owners. They will only come to you when they want.

It is the best pet animal for me because of its characteristics. Recently, I found this video of an extremely snuggly cat. It was snuggling with its owner affectionately. The purrings were so loud.

I am talking about the Instagram account, paquito_thecat_official. This Instagram account has a cat which is insanely snuggly. It will cuddle with you whenever you want. It looks so satisfying. Check out the video below.

Did you see that? How lucky the girl is, who is having this cat. Because not every cat is cuddly like that. Some cats will be fiesty, some will be aggressive and some will avoid you totally.

Someone wrote under the video, “hi, excuse me.. can we switch cat??”

This proves that his cat is not snuggly like this, on the contrary, it might be avoiding him.

Someone wrote,”The way he wraps his paws around your arm is priceless”.

Clearly, People are head over heels for this cat. The comment section is evident.

But there are some hate comments as well. Like “Your cat will start eating u if u were to not be alive. They don’t care”.

People why are you thinking about something which has not happened? If the cat eats you after you die is subjected to the fact of you dying. Let’s just keep it neutral until you die and the cat starts eating you.

People will find dark spots on even Taj Mahal, social media is a perfect example for it.

You know, I always wanted a cat but my house is too small. Maybe in future if I can afford to buy a new house then I will surely get a stray barn cat.

My Instagram account is saif_ullah_khan__.



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