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Most of the people have a perception that blogging is very easy, you just have to sit in front of your computer and write then after sometime you will get a paycheck.That is so not true.

The people who do blogging know that it is a very difficult job. you have to keep in mind a lot of things to make your blog a success.

There is a lot of newcomers who want to know do’s and don’ts while blogging.

So I am giving you tips about successful blogging which will help you in long run.

1)Never take a blog topic which is very broad.For example, if you take a topic ‘google’.it is a useless effort, nobody is going to search for it.

2) Never take a topic which is too niche. For example, if you take a topic”how to buy a candy” it is not going to work even if your website is about buying things.

3)Avoid bossy writings.You don’t need to be super strict or a military man in your writings, you need to be friendly and real.

4) Don’t ignore SEO.It is a great way to get more traffic on your blog.It is the most important source for traffic.

5) keep yourself real, you need to say what you feel if you pick up thoughts or lines from other bloggers your impression will get low on your visitor and eventually you will lose traffic.

6) Update your blogs regularly.Everything changes from things to know to update your content to get going.

7) Avoid too many plugins.If you use a lot of plugins in your blogging website, the navigation in your site would become slow.

8) Recheck your post before much you write perfectly there will always be mistakes and modifications in your content so you need to give a second look to your blog before publishing.

9)Try not to criticize anyone.There are a lot of bloggers who criticize and roast other people, it is good for temporary traffic but always remember”what goes around comes around”.

10) Blog consistently.The blog is like a baby if don’t take care of it then it will die soon.To keep your blog alive you need to blog consistently.

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