Which is better, job or business?

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It takes guts to turn a business successful, however doing a job demands sincerity, good listening abilities.

People choose their profession according to their economic conditions rather than their passion mostly.

Let’s see the advantage of a job and business.



1) you are your own boss.

2) you can earn unlimited money.

3) one gets a huge status because of a profitable business.

4) no time restrictions

5) learning life lessons

As a business owner, nobody can command you, however, you should have a great connection with your employees to run the business.

You don’t have to maintain the sales target because you’re the boss. You can work in any flexible time.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, you can become one of these, Business can make you a billionaire.

People will follow you, you will influence people with your knowledge.

As Shahrukh Khan says, “Become rich before becoming a philosopher”.

You will come across different types of people, different experiences which will boost your knowledge and intelligence.


1) no capital is required

2) fixed salary

3) no mental pressure

4) flexibility

5) bonuses and policies

If you want to start a business you need at least seed funding to start, whereas you can do a 9 to 5 job without investments.

The fixed salary is actually an advantage, you are getting money on regular basis, you don’t have to maintain the overall company’s revenue if you are a normal worker.

However, every employee is bounded by certain responsibilities and you need to do your job well to become a valuable employee to the company.

Having a corporate job comes with benefits such as ESOPs, health insurance and other benefits.


It is preferable that you become a businessman when you have a good financial background because there are a lot of financial hurdles in starting a business.

If you are from a middle class family then it would be hard to survive.

Nowadays Your background doesn’t really matter as there are a lot of angel investors and banks who would invest in your startup.

Apart from anything you should have entrepreneurial and all the skills needed to set up a profitable business.

If you are a lazy man and you are satisfied with your salary then you should stick to your job.

You need to passionate about anything you want to pursue.

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